Our production is set to very high standards of quality, 100% GMP compliant and 100% monitoring of basic materials right to the end product. All products undergo continuous testing, conducted by external professionals even during the manufacturing process. Various testing methods are employed in our modern laboratory on incoming basic materials itself and on packaging material to ascertain and ensure quality and thereby satisfy domestic and international customer requirements reliably. DIN EN ISO 22716 Good Manufacturing Practices (Cosmetic GMP) compliance is achieved through hygiene monitoring practices, personnel training also by independent experts and self-monitoring audits. Since 2010 we have consistently passed the “Good Manufacturing Practices” audits with flying colours.

Sensory checks, Fading of colours on hair strands, conducting trials on test persons etc., Physico chemical method, for e.g. IR spectroscopy, density, refractometry, viscosity measurement, tests to ascertain active ingredient content, colorimetry etc., Microbiological tests on basic materials, cosmetic goods, hygiene monitoring etc., Approval sample and certificates