Total service for private labels.

As a complete service partner, we accompany our brand partner from the initial idea through complete development to the finished product. We offer many services as individual modules that can be adapted as the customer wishes, based on modular principles.

  • Consulting

    With us, every process starts with a good conversation. As competent consultants, we stand with our customers at all stages of product development, packaging, kitting, and distribution. Our individual consulting services are aimed at bringing all cosmetic products to the next level.

  • Development

    Formulation of new products plays a central role – mostly based on our portfolio of more than 3,000 recipes and over 1,000 ingredients. For new and continuing developments, we partner with our customers to understand their expectations and create products that set new standards in hair- and skincare.

  • Kitting

    It's in kitting hair- and skincare products that our experience really comes into play. Whether manually or mechanically, our team packages, labels, inscribes, sorts, codes, documents, and in the end ensures that all products are complete and meet expectations.

  • Packaging & marketing

    We know how influential product presentation is on purchase decisions. For our customers, we therefore look all over Europe for optimal packaging and design, if desired, even custom packaging solutions and prototypes. Our outstanding designers help develop unmistakable brands in harmony with our customers’ identity and values.

  • Fabrication

    The core of MAG Cosmetics is the modern machine fleet. For example, our emulsion technology allows production of very light, smooth textures that are easy to apply. Our powder production is the manufacturing option for especially fine cosmetics suitable for a wide range of applications..

  • Distribution

    We support marketing and distribution with the same dedication as development and production. We offer storage, delivery and logistics services tailored to our customers’ specific needs – and make sure that every product reliably reaches its destination.

  • Testing & academy

    At our “”, we test our products hand in hand with the best hairdressers. This means that the opinions and experience of multiple professionals flow into our products’ performance. Additionally, our customers have the option to use the “” with their own teams of hairdressers.

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